Marcos Oliveira, known as Beiçola, faces a financial crisis and decides to move to the Retirement Home for Artists.

Beiçola's Inspiring Journey

In a heartfelt video, Marcos Oliveira reveals his financial struggles, saying, "I haven't eaten since yesterday." 

A Cry for Help

Marcos agrees to move to the Retirement Home for Artists, marking a turning point in his life. 

The Turning Point

Cida Cabral, the administrator, contacts Marcos and describes her effort to persuade him to join the institution. 

The Administrator's Efforts

Cida Cabral explains, "The retirement home is a place for support, not just in times of difficulty. You can continue working here." 

A Place of Support

Marcos is deeply moved by the offer and plans to visit the location to see the house being prepared for him. 

Emotional Response

If all goes well, Marcos will make the retirement home his new home, starting next week, in a fresh chapter of his life. 

A New Beginning

Marcos Oliveira's journey from financial crisis to a supportive community is a testament to resilience and the power of helping hands.

A Story of Resilience